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At Cayo Costa Dental, we strive to provide the most comfortable and pain free dental experience for all of our patients. Because of this basic underlying principle, we offer Oral Sedation ( Anxiolysis) Dentistry. Some of our patients get nervous even thinking about going to the dentist, it is for these patients that we offer a solution that eliminates the anxiety altogether. Imagine showing up at our office, taking a pill and then having all your dental needs addressed without discomfort or anxiety. It is a wonderful service and one that we are extremely proud to provide for our family of patients.

Sedation Dentistry is the process by which a patient is sedated and still conscious throughout the dental procedure, however they are in a relaxed state and often do not remember the procedure at all. Only qualified dentists can even perform sedation dentistry, they must have the appropriate training to ensure the complete safety of the patient. As part of this commitment, Dr. Fox has done extensive training to become certified to perform Oral Sedation (Anxiolysis) Dentistry.

In addition to relaxing the patient, Oral Sedation Dentistry (Anxiolysis) allows for dental work that would have ordinarily taken multiple visits to be completed with only one visit. This allows for the patient to avoid missing extra work or school and helps to ease their fears about having to repeat an unpleasant experience again and again.

As part of our new patient examination, we now offer a free consultation for Oral Sedation (Anxiolysis) Dentistry. Our administrative staff will be happy to help you schedule an appointment.